Monday, June 28

A Come Back

Hello ,

Havent see you guys long time rite ? well actually Im kind of busy and lazy too update this blogspot but now I have plenty time too write what I want too write :)

Too much stories I want to write here but I dont know how to start. So now, Ive tumblr acc :) I just get started and Im not use with it anymore,
Ill give the url later :D

Saturday, May 1

For The Second Time


I missed blogging like seriously . Long time no see huh ? haha Im not into blogging so do follow me on twitter . I update twitter 24/7 . that website so much easier than this .

so how well you guys doin ? I read all my previous post and its really make me laugh . Flash back all the sweet memories that Ive been trough with friends familys sibs and myself <3>


Wednesday, March 17

Im Back :D

Hello Readers ,
Im sorry because Im not updating my blog for so long. Im kind of busy for these whole 3 months with many activities at school for sure.

I have a bunch of story to tell/write in here but ‘ haha ‘ is just I can say. Means Im lazzyy ? haha
So how are you guys ? miss me ? I know :D thanks , haha
So I played mys , fb and twitter a lot these days. Im sure I don’t have nothing to do so yeahh :D

Im hungryyyy


Thursday, January 28

Miracles Happened

Okay , some of my readers MAYBE don’t believe with all the miracles stories that i wrote in my blog .
Why would I lied ?
Why would I wrote the fake stories and told you?

Whats the point ?
My blog is not a bullshit .
This is my life ,
And my life is TRUEE
Wait untill miracles happen in your life then at that time you will know you should believe it or not !

Holding Tight

Im busy with drawing my pants ,
Then suddenly you hold tight my hand .
I was too shocked till I unconscious mind ,
I looked at your hand that hold tight my hand ,
Why would you ?
Im melted already ,
But I just know that you’re my friends ;)